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  • SODEMAL and his history

    After engineering studies and research on the register control for rotary press, Marc Minschart starts his own business and founds SODEMAL. It is the acronym for 'société de développement de matériel et de logiciel' (hardware and software development company).


    In 1985 he develops an innovative solution (the PCS) for the European leader of personalized mailings, to solve the registration problem of the off-line finishing with tensioned web. This launches SODEMAL in the European market of personalized direct mail.

    Plow Fold off-line

    Since then, SODEMAL has grown, meeting the needs of its costumers, yet it has remained a family-owned business.

    reel to reel machine

    First, the short and long finishing lines for the direct mail industry in the 90s.

    Then, in the 2000s, SODEMAL provides an efficient solution to produce rewound folded leaflets. A new market then opens up for the tensioned web plow fold finishing with double cut of pharmaceutical and cosmetic leaflets.

    Marc and Kristof develop bundeling machine

    Now, Marc, Kristof and their team provide solutions to make paper products more attractive: items inserting, digital and offset printing, multi-web, small products...

    SODEMAL also works to improve productivity: automated assembly of leaflets with quality control, delivery system which puts small products in a box...

    In short, SODEMAL means every year new projects, new developments, new research areas and a range of services that is growing in collaboration with its customers.